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The Bell & Clements In-House Transportation Underwriting team strives to deliver an unrivalled level of service to customers.

With delegated authority from Lloyd’s and Great Lakes, we take the underwriting decision at our desk. Our customers do not have to wait for us to visit underwriters for an answer.

We have been in each class of business that we serve since the very beginning of Bell & Clements. We take a long-term view of these classes, regardless of inevitable market cycles. As a result of our commitment to the transportation market, we have a loyal US customer base and underwrite the following classes:

We can underwrite commercial and private passenger, short and long haul operations, single units – fleets, trailer interchange, hired auto and towing / storage.

Coverage can be on a scheduled or reporting basis depending on fleet size.

We consider a wide range of commodities. Coverages are available for single to large fleets and terminal exposures.

Coverage can be on a scheduled or reporting basis depending on fleet size.

We have the ability to write excess of loss and issue Federal and State filings on Lloyd’s paper.

We can underwrite all types of dealerships, and can include false pretense, furnished auto, temporary lot location and unaccompanied test drives as additional coverages.

We can underwrite legal liability and direct primary coverage for auto repair/service risks, on hook, storage risks, valet parking, auction facilities, drive away operations and other custody care.


Binding Authorities - Great Lakes

We arrange flexible surplus lines binding authority contracts on behalf of Great Lakes for customers looking for a long-term partnership...

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Key Contacts

Jason Harding

Associate Director



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Jackie Bradbury

Underwriter, In House Facilities


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Peter Whitehead

Assistant Underwriter, In House Facilities


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